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Thinking of becoming a Verigrow stockist? Here are some frequently asked questions:

What sizes does Verigrow come in?
Verigrow liquid fertiliser and soil improver comes in a 1L, 5L, 20L and 1,000L concentrate and in a 2L ready to use hose-on. Verigrow Soil Wetter comes in 1L, 5L and 20L concentrate and Verigrow Supplement comes in 1L concentrate.

What are the minimum order quantities and pricing?*

Verigrow® ProductPackagingStockist Unit Price (exc. GST)Stockist Minimum Order QuantityRecommended Retail Unit Price (exc. GST)
1L ConcentrateBox of 10$9.822 Boxes$17.27
Soil Wetter
1L ConcentrateBox of 10$12.732 Boxes$20
5L ConcentrateBox of 4$57.272 Boxes$80
20L Concentrate20L Drum$195.452 Drums$259.09
Fertiliser and Soil Improver
2L Hose-OnBox of 10$9.092 Boxes$15.00
1L ConcentrateBox of 10$7.902 Boxes$13.64
5L ConcentrateBox of 4$35.452 Boxes$54.55
20L Concentrate20L Drum$136.362 Drums$181.82
1,000L Concentrate1,000L IBC$3,2502 IBCs$3,500
*Prices and MOQ subject to change without notice.

Do I have to buy the whole range to become a Verigrow stockist?
No, you do not have to. However, if you stock the whole range of Verigrow products, you will get 60 days terms of payment.

How much does transportation cost?
Please use the shipping calculator during checkout to calculate your shipping cost. We use Transdirect which give you access to Australia’s largest courier and freight companies.

Do you have product information and technical information to supply?
Yes, head to our Products page to learn more about how the Verigrow range of products work together and to download product information sheet, product analysis, MSDS and product compatibility. You can also download a presentation of the Verigrow range of products here. This will be updates as new products are added to our range.

What sort of merchandise and print can you provide?
We will provide you with brochures, a display stand, corflute signs, Verigrow caps, Verigrow t-shirts and toy miniature toy sheep.

Do you have any hints or suggestions on product display?
There are several options here. You can display Verigrow as a heroic product, in a range of other products or using a promotional display. Watch the videos below by John Stanley on how to merchandise Verigrow in your store.

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Verigrow is proudly manufactured in Australia using sustainable waste wool.

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