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Gardens for Wildlife

Callistemon sp. Habitat destruction from urban sprawl, land clearing, degradation, bush fire and a changing climate have contributed to more and more animals seeking refuge in pockets of bushland in our urban areas. However, as our towns and suburbs continue to grow the kinds of habitat that supports wildlife is also under threat. These pockets … Read more

When to Fertiliser Your Lawn?

Fertilising your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy and lush lawn. But when is the best time to fertilise your lawn? The answer depends on the type of grass you have, the climate in your area, health of your lawn and the traffic on your lawn. In Australia there are 5 common … Read more

Hydroponics and Fertiliser Options

Hydroponics is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of growing plants without soil and might be appealing if you don’t like getting your hands dirty or choose to grow plants indoors. However, as with any type of gardening, fertilisers are essential for optimal growth and therefore the success of your hydroponics system … Read more

Grow your own Indoor Sanctuary

Indoor plants continue to experience popularity and that’s not looking to wane any time soon. Interest in creating an indoor sanctuary has been growing steadily and then went ‘off the chart’ during Covid. With many cities in lockdown, people turned to plants to connect with nature. Plants certainly helped make the isolation much more bearable … Read more

What is a Slow Release Fertiliser?

Before we discuss slow release fertilisers, let us first understand what is a fertiliser. A fertiliser is a plant food of a natural or synthetic origin that is used to enhance the growth of plants. To be classified as a fertiliser, plant foods need to contain one or more of the following elements (or nutrients): … Read more

Climate Resilient Gardens

Australia’s unique climate presents both challenges and opportunities for gardeners. With increasing temperatures, prolonged droughts, and erratic weather patterns, creating a climate-resilient garden has become essential. This article explores the principles and practices of climate-resilient gardening, offering practical advice for Australian gardeners to ensure their gardens thrive despite the changing climate. Understanding Climate Resilience Climate … Read more
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