Verigrow in commercial broadacre
Verigrow in commercial horticulture

Whether you are into commercial Agriculture, Horticulture, Turf or Viticulture, Verigrow has you covered.

Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver is an innovative all-purpose product made using 100% Australian low-grade wool. It is amino acid rich with up to 95% of wool being amino acids, and contains dual nitrogen sources. The benefits of Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver for commercial include:

  • Improved Root Structure: Enhances root development, leading to healthier plants.
  • Vibrant Color and Vigor: Regular use results in deep green foliage and increased plant vigor.
  • Reduced N.P.K Fertilizers: Allows cut back on traditional N.P.K fertilizers by 25-30%.
  • Increased Production Speed: Contributes to faster crop growth, potentially increasing overall yield.
  • Profit Margin Boost: By improving crop health and yield, it can positively impact the farm’s profit margin.

Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver is versatile and can be applied after, during, or pre-planting, which allows nitrogen to penetrate deeper into the soil, benefiting crops later.

    Backed by solid independent trials, your investment is guaranteed to pay off. To learn more about Verigrow for commercial applications, click on the type of grower you are. Make sure to visit our products page to see our other complimentary products.

    Viticulture (coming soon)

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