We believe businesses have a responsibility to effect positive change in the world. To us, success is more than growing a bottom line. Verigrow is committed to growing a triple bottom line – profitpeople and the planet. Our commitment to the environment and community is evident in the way we reduce landfill, support farms and promote reduced farm inputs.

Verigrow is a proud sponsor of:-

Verigrow is all about sustainability, reducing waste and caring for the environment and the community. Naturally, we are also about growing plants and food and about the positive impacts of gardening on physical and mental health.

We are therefore delighted to be supporting the following charities that align with our values and mission. Through our Affiliate Program, you can also help contribute to the donations we make to these organisations. Simply add the coupon next to the organisation’s name below when you place an order through our online store, and we will donate 20% of your order to the respective charity.



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If you are a charity that aligns with us, and you think we can help, we would love to hear from you!

Verigrow is proudly manufactured in Australia using sustainable waste wool. Feel free to contact us or reach out to one of our stockists.

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