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Verigrow is a revolution in plant nutrition — an innovative all-purpose fertiliser and soil improver all-in-one, derived from low grade wool and rich in amino-acids: the building blocks of plant growth.

Developed by PhD Chemist, Dr Ramiz Boulos, Verigrow is rich in amino acids (the building blocks of all plants). Plants require far less NPK applications if amino acids are provided. By absorbing amino acids directly, energy, usually used to synthesise amino acids, is redirected to growing and protecting the plant.

Independent studies have shown that Verigrow is significantly better than a market leading liquid fertiliser in improving various plant health parameters.

How to use

Home gardens

Dilute one capful in every two litre of water. Ensure thorough mixing prior to use. 

Horticulture and broadacre

Dilute a minimum of 1 in 10 and ensure thorough mixing prior to use. Verigrow can also be fertigated, dribble banded, foliar sprayed (eg grains and cotton) or applied using a boom-spray. 10L – 40L of Verigrow (diluted) has a coverage of approximately 1 ha. 

When to use

Verigrow is a flexible product and fits a wide range of farming practices. It can be used in higher doses, less frequently, or lower doses, more frequently.

Verigrow is mixed with water during its application and can therefore be used in any season, wet or dry. Verigrow can be used prior to seeding to improve the soil condition, during seeding or after seeding.

Pre-plant application can be beneficial. It allows the nitrogen to penetrate below the top layer of the soil where it can later be accessed by crops. We recommend use every 4-6 weeks for home gardens and every 2 weeks for commercial farms. 

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