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Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver is an amino acid-rich all-purpose product made from waste wool with clear benefits for horticulture and soil health. The amino acids present have a number of benefits including building up the organic content of the soil and acting as a food source for the microorganisms.

Below is a trial report on Cherry Tomatoes conducted independently by Peracto (now Kalyx) in Welshpool, Western Australia.

Verigrow 2017 in Cherry Tomato Trial – Trial compares Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver with Seasol on plant growth and soil effects*
* This was the first controlled trial carried on Verigrow from which we identified the product has fertilising effects.

The results have shown that tomato plants treated with Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver have shown 2 to 5 times improvement in all parameters measured compared to the control and to those treated with Seasol. The parameters measured in the trial were plant height, biomass, NDVI and weights (roots and foliage).

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