Verigrow Pot

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Verigrow Pot – Plant Food in a Pot

Sustainable and biodegradable green product.


  • Plant food in a pot
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from 100% Australian wool
  • Contains Verigrow Liquid Fertiliser and Soil Improver

Suitable for:

  • Seeds, seedling and cuttings

What are the benefits of using Verigrow Pot?

Verigrow Pot is made using a novel biodegradable material that is patent pending. The Verigrow Pot is more than a pot – it is plant food in a pot and as the pot biodegrades, it feeds the plant and enriches the soil. The Verigrow Pot can be buried with the plant reducing transplant shock while avoiding the use of plastic, which contributes to land fill.

Did you know Verigrow Pot contains 100% Australian low-grade sheep’s wool?

Wool is a sustainable and rich source of amino acids which does wonders for the health of our soil. The Verigrow Pot contains Verigrow Liquid Fertiliser and Soil Improver providing plants and soil with nutrition as it breaks down.

Learn more about the science and sustainability values of Verigrow.

How to use Verigrow Pot?

1) Add potting mix and gently press seeds into soil.
2) Moisten seeds by adding small amounts of water.
3) Place pot in area with proper sunlight and temperature.
4) Water seeds as soil dries, avoiding overwatering.
5) Once seedlings are ready for next stage of planting, plant your pot!

Feed plant with Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver 6 months after seeding.

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Verigrow is proudly manufactured in Australia using sustainable waste wool.

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Verigrow Pot
$10.00 Inc. GST