The Verigrow range is composed of innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly products from low-grade wool that is often discarded.

Liquid Fertiliser and Soil Improver

Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver is an innovative all-purpose product made using 100% Australian low-grade wool. It is an amino acid rich product containing an organic (from amino acids) and an inorganic source of nitrogen (12% w/v total N) and can reduce traditional NPK inputs by up to 30%. It come in 1L, 5L, 20L and 1,000L.

MSDS Sheet – Fertiliser and Soil improver
Product Information – Fertiliser and Soil Improver
Product Analysis – Fertiliser and Soil Improver
Product Compatibility – Fertiliser and Soil Improver

Soil Wetter

Verigrow Soil Wetter is an all-purpose soil wetter that improves water retention and water penetration of hydrophobic soils. It reduces water usage while ensuring water and dissolved nutrients are able to reach the plant roots. It is aquatic safe and biodegradable. It comes in 1L bottles.

Product Information – Soil Wetter
MSDS Sheet – Soil Wetter


Verigrow Supplement provides important macro, micro and trace elements for plant and soil health. It contains potassium, which provides a boost to fruiting plants while the trace elements present in a chelated form ensure targeted uptake and absorption. Verigrow Supplement is complimentary to Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver. It comes in 1L bottles.

Product Information – Supplement
MSDS Sheet – Supplement


Verigrow Pot is made using a novel biodegradable material that is patent pending. The Verigrow Pot is more than a pot – it is plant food in a pot containing Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver. As pot biodegrades, it feeds the plant and enriches the soil. The Verigrow Pot can be buried with the plant reducing transplant shock while avoiding the use of plastic, which contributes to land fill.

Phosphorus (coming soon)

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