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Verigrow Fertiliser and Soil Improver is an all-purpose amino acid rich product that can be used on anything and everything including turf. Amino acids play a number of fundamental roles in turf and soil health and act as a slow release and long-lasting organic source of nitrogen. Coupled with an inorganic source of nitrogen, it provides access to an immediate and readily available nitrogen boost that will make your turf stronger and healthier.

Below is a turf trial report on Couch grass conducted independently by Sports Turf Technology at Betta Turf in Wattleup, Western Australia.

Verigrow 2024 in Turf – Trial compares different rates of Verigrow to granular fertiliser on turf condition
Verigrow for Turf – Product information

The results have shown that 40 L/ha gave a significant improvement in turf condition compared to control. The total nitrogen content at this Verigrow treatment was 28.8 units of N and this compared to 107.6 units of N for the Sir Walter granular fertiliser. Consistent with independent broadacre trial results, a lower level of N is sufficient to yield a result. Recommended rates based on these results would be 60 L/ha.

The results have also shown that an application rate higher than 10 L/ha of Verigrow Soil Wetter is required in well irrigated areas to yield a result. Recommended rates based on these results would be 20 L/ha.

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